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Wines From Spain To Present

  • Posted on January 30, 2014 at 5:11 am

Ask any "associated with what Spain?" And you're likely to hear in response: "Bullfighting, flamenco and wine." From Spain you can bring a lot of interesting things, but in this article we will focus only on one version of the presentations and – namely, the Spanish wine. But here's the question: "How not to be mistaken with the gift?" The inscriptions on the bottles – in Spanish, try all – impossible choice – eyes get … How can you guess? Let's start with the general classification Spanish wines. Table wines and Vino de Mesa. This category includes not classified vineyard wines, which are made from several grape varieties. Local wine or Vino de la tierra.

On the label of these wines are allowed to specify the crop year, varieties of grapes used and the region of production. All of the above signs are prohibited for use in the category of Vino de Mesa. Declassed wine or Vino Comarsal. Wines from certain regions that do not fall into the category of vintage due to poor harvest, the producer of non-compliance of established norms of productivity and production. Vintage wine or Denominacion de Origen, short – DO. This wine from specific wine regions, each of which there The Council, which controls the processes of grape growing, wine production and sales in line with regional standards. For example, the Board may regulate the grade authorized for the production of fine wines in this region, the methods of pruning, harvesting and transportation of grapes, set during aging of wine.

That is why, for example, Rioja and Malaga completely different labeling wines age. It is also significant that the Council or prohibits the use of sulfur dioxide (it is added to the wort as an antiseptic), or severely restricts it. So the fine wines of Spain – guaranteed to clean and contain no harmful chemical additives.