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  • Posted on January 15, 2014 at 12:36 am

then, as the young that disappeared as if never had existed, also Wiston will be changedded into ‘ ‘ impessoa’ ‘. It was not difficult to the author to imagine the world that it projected in the pages of the workmanship in epigraph. The ascension of the Soviet Union and the possible union of the Europe in one megabloco had been foreseen by the one for Orwell by means of the situation that watches in the world in 1948. The future revealed almost as present. today we are not the saved one of the ficcional reality that in the sounding lead. The future is now. 1984 can very come well to be one 2084.

The problem is if the people goes to allow that the rights and basic guarantees dismiss them of that had been conquered with great difficulty. (Not to be confused with “Chavez”!). We do not have idea from how much in it was deducted by means of excuses transactions to them politics. The Leviat reveals more terrible of what it costumava to be. I believe that, still in this century, the 1984 world can come to tona, with the megablocos, novilngua and the triad that the duplipensamento supports: war is peace; freedom is slavery; ignorance is force. The war will be the way to support a false peace.

As to invade nations in virtue of a call ‘ ‘ Axle of mal’ ‘. The freedom is considered slavery, for leaving opened several possibilities. After all, the Leviat can take care of of its people, taking for itself the obligation to make choices. The ignorance of the people is the force of the totalitarian governments. This triad that became possible the Big Brother to remain itself in the power, can very come well to be used for the governing that if they perpetuate in the government, mainly of the South American nations. Silence tax to the media, that if spreads as epidemic enters the countries of the south takes us it the concept of true freedom: that one of being able to say what it is really happening, to say the truth is our bigger conquest. It occurs that the totalitarianism if spreads on a population of villains silenced for the force. 1984 is each next time, is probable that the day arrives that we will lament, as Wiston, not terms the basic freedom: of being able to say that two and two are four. many still are deceived when saying that 1984 are about a book of scientific fiction. It is, in the truth, a critical one to the totalitarianism, stops acquiring knowledge in them that not we are the saved one of ‘ ‘ teletelas’ ‘ , in the truth, them they had only started watching in them for all part. Bibilografia: AZUMA, Eduardo Akira, an Analysis of the Workmanship ‘ ‘ 1984’ ‘ of George Orwell from Elements of the Hobbesiana Theory the instrumentalizao of the fear for a Government Absolutist. Available in ORWELL, George, 1984, 29ed, Company National Publishing company: 2007. PILLEGGI, Marcus Vincius, 1984, the totalitarian nightmare of George Orwell.