Karl King Angels

  • Posted on September 27, 2014 at 8:11 pm

The current coat of arms of Puebla, dates from the time of its founding in 1538, appointed by the then King of Spain, Charles V, which presents the fore their initial letters in gold: K and V. K instead of C because of the Austrian-born Karl King. The blue background shows what would be the cathedral with two angels on either side, holding up the towers, on a green field and walking the river San Francisco. Inscribed in gold letters on a red background, Psalm 91 verse 11: a OEDI commanded his angels to guard you in all your ways The legend of the founding of Puebla, tells how in a dream, Fray Julian Garces, which in 1530 he was archbishop of the diocese of Tlaxcala, saw a beautiful place, with a field full of flowers and springs where they could inhabit the same angels, who showed him the spot where it was founded the new city. He commented on several occasions with his fellow Franciscans dreams and arises among them the idea reached.

One of the main promoters is de Benavente, a native of San Miguel Extremadura, Spain, who thought it was a sign from heaven to found a city for Spanish workers. The Father General of the order Fray Francisco de los Angeles a Quinones and the founder of the order, Fray Francisco de Asis, established in the thirteenth century the Franciscan order were devotees of San Miguel and of Los Angeles, This refers the solemn Mass of the founding of the city, April 16, 1531. Even when the city decides to move across the river, is selected for the second foundation on 29 September, the day of St. Michael the Archangel, to be present. Since then, creates a series of legends where the angels are present.

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