A Female Professional Association

  • Posted on November 6, 2011 at 5:39 am

Members of the NAIWCNJ are privy to the following services: professional education; an environment conducive to the construction of business alliances; the opportunity to connect with business executives in different fields within the insurance (women’s) industry.  All insurance and management workers are welcome to become a member of the NAIWCNJ – from the clerk to the CEO.  The more diverse the members, the greater the impact the NAIWCNJ can have, rendering it a very comprehensive organization.

The NAIWCNJ also has a branch of highly effective charity work which includes: the provision of help and support for those affected by cancer (women’s cancer in particular); encouragement of those women who – for whatever reason – have been out of the work field for some years and are desperate to re-enter but do not have the necessary resources; the provision of a family sanctuary for those experiencing domestic violence who need to leave their current situation.

Overall, through its fierce dedication to encouraging the female insurance professional and facilitating their ride in the male-dominated world of insurance, as well as its work in various volunteer fields, the NAIWCNJ has provided important strides for women.

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