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Martial Arts

  • Posted on April 27, 2016 at 11:15 am

We need to understand what the child wants more to be a warrior, a defender, or he wants competition and glory. Although one does not interfere. In our country, if we take the statistics, the most common type of sports martial arts, this is boxing. Russia has always been a good boxing school, and this contributes to television. But in boxing, too, there are differences. There are amateur boxing and professional boxing is.

For all their similarities, these trends still many differences. I do not advise giving children in professional boxing. But a year train with amateur boxing on the contrary would recommend. Great success for the year hardly be achieved, as well as a serious injury – not the level, and physical training is useful in any sport. It is necessary that he felt the that any sport – it is not only glory and victory and defeat it, and to a great extent sweat, pain, injury and, sometimes, blood. If after This desire still will not work, then there remains only to accept and support his initiative. Your child likes to strike down or do acrobatic tricks.

Then we can offer him work out Capoeira, which although related to martial arts, but still less traumatic and more effective (not to be confused with effective) and nice looks. Or maybe he just stands there to do gymnastics or acrobatics. In any case, you can not make it compulsory to engage in any sport. We must try to explain to him the benefits of such activities. Everywhere, as he had not worked, has its champions, its great men or athletes. The main thing that he liked it, so he put the soul into training given to the sport completely. Only then can we achieve good success in any endeavor. And your task, help him to choose.

Spanish Royal Academy

  • Posted on April 14, 2016 at 6:26 pm

EXTENT OF THE encoding “N encoding to be studied should be considered in two parts that are part of general coding and coding special part. That is, we study the encoding when studying the codified law, we study the encoding when studying professional law encoded, the encoding is studied when studying the codified civil procedure, we study the encoding when studying the procedural law codified criminal, among other areas of law. In this sense we can say that is studied civil law but the special part of the general part of this issue. Which determines that few lawyers are aware of the general part of the encoding. That is, many lawyers know the encoding special part, but few general hand coding.

4. Delimitation of the subject The subject coding has two parts which are the general part and special part, but in the present work we will only talk to the general. Studying for this Peruvian current codes without neglecting the study of some foreign codes. 5. ORIGIN Many times the words we use do not originate in the current language, but in Greek or Latin Latin voices. The word Code comes from the Latin Codex. That is, the code word have no origin in the Spanish language but Latin.

6. CODING Under the Spanish Language Dictionary of the Spanish Royal Academy, a codificar is to make or form a harmonious body of law sistematicoa . The result of the consolidation are the codes, which are systematic bodies of law, written with the legislative technique more refined.