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Henry Azcoaga

  • Posted on May 12, 2015 at 12:34 pm

NURIA Pairs “I am, who we are (tell us)” the pilgrim Spain “… Oh, what a beautiful name! What a lovely name to go through the world drifting like a ship in full sail, like a stranger caravel old! What ship so nice if I had a little spur to anger! “Nuria Pares. ONE VOICE Those children in the war that left for exile and were as Nuria Pares, poets who were not included in anthologies of Spanish literature of postwar published in our country, suffered an injustice among many that during many decades been committed against the vanquished in war and against their descendants. Nuria Pares and Luis Rius, sons of exiles, are for the first time alongside their contemporary interior of Spain, in Panorama of modern Spanish poetry (1953), an anthology published in Buenos Aires, the exiled poet Henry Azcoaga. Poet independent “spiritual daughter of Leon Felipe”, published poems in various journals. When published in 1951 Romances of the voice alone, is revealed as a promise that is fulfilled in the chant book (1959), whose opening lines are a clear-you and other “amazing” no one chose her inheritance.