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Phoenician Hannibal

  • Posted on April 30, 2015 at 5:43 am

The first tribes that settled in Spain were Iberians. Then to the Iberian peninsula came the Celts, which merged with the Iberians, people have formed, called keltiberov. Until now, the question of the time of the appearance of the Celts in Spain remains controversial. The most likely version – the Celts appeared in Spain in 05/06 century BC. Most of the Celts occupied the northern region of Spain, in the center and south and lived keltibery iberskie tribes.

It was the Celts (as reported Phoenicians and Greeks) have formed in Spain first semblance of the state, which is called Tar Tese. In the second millennium BC in Spain there were Phoenicians, to which Spain is obliged to emergence of the first cities in the country. (The oldest city in Europe, Cadiz is in Spain and he was just founded by the Phoenicians). In the 7th century BC appeared in Spain and the Greek colonies. And the Phoenicians and the Greeks fought fierce wars with each other to control Spain.

Often in these War involved the local tribes, who thus fell under the influence of Phoenician and Greek cultures. By the way, Spain has become the spark that ignited the flames of the Second Punic War in the 3rd century BC The conflict began due to the fact that the army Phoenician Hannibal stormed and burned the Greek city in Spain, who wished to join in the Roman Republic. Second Punic War completely redrew the political map of the ancient world in the third century BC The only force in the Mediterranean was the Roman Republic, and so after the Spanish Civil War came the Romans. Romans has long been effective hosted in Spain. They based Peninsula colonies and cities, built roads and aqueducts, turning Spain into a prosperous colony. As a result of the domination of the Romans in Spain, there was a Romanization of the country and the assimilation of the local population.

Try Residual Entrance

  • Posted on April 27, 2015 at 11:57 pm

It knows the importance the residual entrance so that you can begin to be creating that entrance that does not depend on the hours that you are trabajndo. Nowadays all we have forms accessible to develop it. Linear entrance the residual entrance is the one that all we won when we worked per hour or of employees or since I do in my study of design who I invoice per hour. When work I DID NOT STOP winning. It is a super limitation that has common a doctor, an engineer, a street cleaner, a teacher or a cook. Once they stop working no longer make more money.

After 25 years to work they do not sigen winning. If they go away one week or a month of vacations BOOM they were without income. Residual entrance Is the entrance that you continue winning with the work that hicistes A single time. Trabajstes clearly hard for this reason, is not that it was silent to you of the sky! You want Examples? A song writes that pege in the radio. By the rest of your life you listen to whenever it in the radio, a singer returns it to record and they are continued selling the CDs you will continue winning. Inclusively when you die your children, grandsons and others will continue receiving the gains. Many of these successes are by artists or cantautores who have passed many years escribindo a song, he is one in a million sticks that it of first. A song remembers that becomes hit and hits generations is not obtained overnight but it is good for continuing making money of them while you sleep or while you are of vacasiones.

Another form? Ok, writes a book and publicalo. All the life that is sold and resells you will make money. If it becomes a Best Seller or a classic one, you already know will have your family inheritance by all the books that are sold in history.

Sales Customer

  • Posted on April 19, 2015 at 9:39 am

Nowadays they exist you vary techniques of sales as: Impulsive sales when the customer purchase something for impulse, looks at and catches. Sales persoasivas- when the salesman vende something almost that in the pressure and generally the customer later if repents and starts to prevent this salesman. Advisory sales the best one of all, the selling question and understands what the customer wants the salesman hears the true necessity of the customer and she always has the capacity to make the certain sales. Better resulted Optimum resulted always it will be reached by optimum salesman. However to be optimum salesman is not only to have attention and to know to ask goes very beyond, is before everything having planning. to know before making what it must make. It is always to be searching perfectioning and knowledge. After all knowledge opens doors and to give chances., Is always to be in the front searching before, who leaves in the front generally earns and in the sales it is not different.

To know its product is basic therefore will come doubts and you it will have to be intent for answers wools before they confuse the finishing of the sales and the main one to close the sales. To close the Sales To close the sales is to leave well clearly what he was waked up enters the parts as the day of the delivery the price and the mode of payment. So that it does not arrive in the hour and the customer disregards the part of it for any disinformation as the sales were in money and it only had check. remembers if sales alone are sales after deliver and pay. finally to be optimum salesman as everything in the life is a search and despite you have today optimum result tomorrow will have that to still have better. After all optimum result always will come of optimum salesman.