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Twenty Years Of Popular Career Education In Spain

  • Posted on February 6, 2015 at 1:33 pm

It marks the 20th anniversary of that conference that pulled himself to Jose Maria Aznar as President of the Partido Popular, the training that brings together the conservative sector in Spain. In this way the PP started the voyage would take six years to Aznar after the Moncloa, having failed successively in the effort as both Manuel Fraga Antonio Hernandez Mancha. As the saying goes, "20 years is nothing, but to do the things that have happened in this time, both within the PP and in our country bienquerida. Jose Maria Aznar took a divided party, unable to lift his head against the power of the PSOE, and transformed it into a well-oiled electoral machine and apparently homogeneous (although this apparently well-turned out to be, ultimately, completely wrong), able to Gonzalez against the ropes in the 1993 elections, with opposition political disloyalty bordering, winning by a simple majority in 1996 and capable of achieving an absolute majority in 2000. Aznar took over a country that meet any of the criteria necessary to enter the euro and won on merit entry into monetary union, which, with superior results to those of Germany itself. He came to power in a country mired in corruption and neglect of state crime and raised both situations the maximum exponent. Each day we had breakfast with a new scandal, and has continued to be, tried but failed to normalize relatively public life. Unfortunately the current situation the country has not gone better, but have managed to overcome the barriers of mediocrity and Spain has been installed on the tail of the European Union. Most worrying is the apparent ease with which Spanish society has taken this position dubious honor.

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